Keeping Care of Those Medically Bound

Originally posted June 2014 Whether it be non-med to pre-med, pre-health to pre-health, med student to parent, or any variation of those, we all have to keep in the mind the care for everyone involved in our crazy health related journeys. We should keep each other level headed and be there. So here are some... Continue Reading →

10 Mistakes of the PreMed

Originally posted May 2014 And 10 ways to make sure you don’t make them 1. Doing a ton of stuff Want to know a secret? Medical school don’t really care how much you’ve done, how many clubs you are in or how many times you have volunteered. They like those things, but if it's a... Continue Reading →

When Friends are Your Competition

Posted April 2014 Getting into medical (or any variation) school is hard. That's no big secret. But do you know what’s harder? Having your friends, your support, be your competition. Those of us who are pre-med tend to have a lot of other pre-meds in our circle of friends. It just makes sense that we... Continue Reading →

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