50 Things to Help Deal with Pre-med Stress

Originally posted March 17th, 2014 Or really anyone who has stress with school interviews or just in life. If you’re any kind of pre-health hopeful, you know the ever mounting stress that comes along with all the classes, extracurricular activities and the pressure you put on yourself. Learning how to deal with stress in healthy... Continue Reading →

The 10 Commandments of the Pre-med

Originally posted May 7th, 2014 Being pre-med is a little like being part of really weird religion. We have specific rituals we must complete so that we might ascend to a higher plane (aka getting into med school). And no one quiet gets it unless they themselves are pre-med too. So here are some commandments*... Continue Reading →

Keeping Care of Those Medically Bound

Originally posted June 11th, 2014 here Whether it be non-med to pre-med, pre-health to pre-health, med student to parent, or any variation of those, we all have to keep in the mind the care for everyone involved in our crazy health related journeys. We should keep each other level headed and be there. So here... Continue Reading →

50 Things About Doing Research as a Pre-Med

Ah yes the eternal question for pre-meds “do I need to do research?” Technically, no you do not need to do research. Most schools do not require research experience, though if you look at stats, most people who get accepted to medical schools have done it. It’s always looked upon favorably. So what about research?... Continue Reading →

50 Things About the Gap Year

Originally posted March 6th, 2014 here If you make the choice (or fate has decided) that you will take a gap year before medical school, no fear! There are many of us taking the 12 or 16 month “break” before starting our medical journey. Once again, I’ll share what I’ve learned (and am still learning)... Continue Reading →

50 Things I Learned While Interviewing

Original post written March 4th, 2014 here Interviews are a pretty big deal. Seeing as how (at least I personally think) interviews were my strongest part during the application process, I want to share some of things I learned while I did my own interviews. Everything I mention happened to me (or a close friend)... Continue Reading →

50 things I learned as a Pre-med

Originally posted March 3rd, 2014 here There are things you can only learn by experience. Getting into medical school is one of those things, I promise. As I come to the day I start medical school in the fall I thought that for little experience I have, I would share. These are just my opinions... Continue Reading →

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