Love What You Hate

or least tolerate it! In our education careers there is going to be at least one thing we absolutely despise. We can’t stand even going to class because we feel misery just from being there. Unfortunately, when we dislike something as humans, we tend to give it less care and try to shove it away,... Continue Reading →

When Friends are Your Competition

Posted April 2014 Getting into medical (or any variation) school is hard. That's no big secret. But do you know what’s harder? Having your friends, your support, be your competition. Those of us who are pre-med tend to have a lot of other pre-meds in our circle of friends. It just makes sense that we... Continue Reading →

Party Animals: Pets in College

Posted originally in April 2014 Having pets in college. Last night The Roommate’s dog had explosive diarrhea all over the living room and my cat threw up in the kitchen. We believe they had a grass eating party while we were gone and shit got crazy, literally. So I thought now is an excellent time... Continue Reading →

Pick A Major, Any Major

Originally posted March 31st, 2014, reviewed 2017 A guideline to help figure out what route to take in your college years based off the experience of yours truly. The college major. Your conversational starter, your ice breaker, your identifier. The one thing that will define your college career as it appears on your diploma. But how... Continue Reading →

Writing a Killer Personal Statement

Originally posted March 25th, 2014 If you haven’t seen my stuff already, why yes I do like writing. It’s something that comes fairly naturally to me, but also I do a lot of it. So I would like to say that my personal statement is pretty good. So with the 2014-2015 application cycle winding down... Continue Reading →

50 Things to Help Deal with Pre-med Stress

Originally posted March 17th, 2014 Or really anyone who has stress with school interviews or just in life. If you’re any kind of pre-health hopeful, you know the ever mounting stress that comes along with all the classes, extracurricular activities and the pressure you put on yourself. Learning how to deal with stress in healthy... Continue Reading →

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