NIGHT FLOAT IS OVER! I slept for 13 hours on Friday, if that answers any secondary questions. Is there anyone who feels like the floor isn't a beast? Enjoying it, totally great. But even if you love the floor can anyone say its not so hard? Because it is. The floor is the culmination of... Continue Reading →


The experiences I had on nights were very different than the one I am having at my program. Most of been pretty low key. This one I did my first LP and got yelled at by a mom asking when can her daughter be an emergency. So both better and worse. They way our nights... Continue Reading →


Nursery is finally done! The last week was insane! End on bang with a full census and just crazy things happening left and right. In from NICU out from NICU, sugar babies, coombs, bilis, light and all that jazz. It was really a culmination of everything we'd experienced over the last three weeks with a... Continue Reading →

8/6/2018 – 8/19/2018

The last two weeks have been insane. Who knew that nursery could be so intense? The second week we got a bit of a break, because our census wasn't as full as it was the first week. And because my cointern and I had such a hard time keeping up, by the time the second... Continue Reading →


Sorry it's a late post but working 11 to 14 hours days is making me very sleep happy. Understandably. As my first week on nursery, me and my cointern got absolutely slammed. As in the nursery was close to full almost all week which is a big deal when you aren't well versed in all... Continue Reading →


This week was a hard lesson in you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Although it didn't start out that way. Finishing up my month on clinic, I was kinda of given a lot of freedom in terms of seeing patients on my own from start to finish. Nothing was too complicated but... Continue Reading →


Every week is just a roller coaster. There isn't a day that does by that isn't a little bit of a rush but then sometimes it's just a 90 degree drop. I started this week as the lone clinic resident. The senior with that had been with me the last two weeks moved onto his... Continue Reading →


Another week gone by. at a seemingly glacial pace. While I'm into the slowing of the passage of time I'd also like to be at the point I know how to manage myself and the medicine around me. I spent this week getting more on my feet in clinic to do as much as I... Continue Reading →


Week one done! I have no idea what I'm doing AT ALL. What happened to all that fourth year experience? I feel like if you come out of the Match successful you feel almost ready? Maybe it's more a feeling of finality and wanting to move on but then 3-4 month go by where you're... Continue Reading →

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