This week was a hard lesson in you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Although it didn't start out that way. Finishing up my month on clinic, I was kinda of given a lot of freedom in terms of seeing patients on my own from start to finish. Nothing was too complicated but... Continue Reading →


Every week is just a roller coaster. There isn't a day that does by that isn't a little bit of a rush but then sometimes it's just a 90 degree drop. I started this week as the lone clinic resident. The senior with that had been with me the last two weeks moved onto his... Continue Reading →


Another week gone by. at a seemingly glacial pace. While I'm into the slowing of the passage of time I'd also like to be at the point I know how to manage myself and the medicine around me. I spent this week getting more on my feet in clinic to do as much as I... Continue Reading →


Week one done! I have no idea what I'm doing AT ALL. What happened to all that fourth year experience? I feel like if you come out of the Match successful you feel almost ready? Maybe it's more a feeling of finality and wanting to move on but then 3-4 month go by where you're... Continue Reading →

6/25/2018 – 7/1/2018

The plan is once a week I do a reflection on being a resident and my life and all that jazz because my memory is kinda sucky and I want to remember everything. Because my life has been a r i d e. But lets jump into this week. Orientation. Some places have orientation for... Continue Reading →

Surgery Week 3

Well, it's official. I'm a white cloud. If you don't know what clouds are, basically in medicine there are black clouds, white cloud and everyone in between. A black cloud follows the idea of; "if it rains, it pours". Basically everything that can go wrong will. You'll see the craziest things comes in. Outcomes aren't... Continue Reading →

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