I really got off the rails posting when NICU started, which I expected to happen but I really wasn’t able to jump back in. It was 3 months of BS scheduling wise, so I will have separate thing about it because that was an Experience.

Anyways, there are for sure better ways to start a New Year that I have, but what I learned is a resident run hospital floor is a cluster during a holiday schedule, especially when you get mentally burned out for two days after a rapid response on Christmas Day. Full on sprinting down the hallway, shouting medications into the pharmacy window and teams moving at light speed to make things happen. It was crazy but it was really one of those “I’m here, doing medicine and making a difference” moments. I think we all live for that a little bit.

And then you get a UTI and get crappy feedback despite the fact that trying to assess anything to it’s true capacity this week made no sense and you remember some of the reasons being a no-nothing resident sucks. It be like that sometimes.

It wasn’t a total wash of a week though, as the interns had their gift exchange and we just got to hang out with each other. We were able to sit and talk with no stress, ate and played a lot of ridiculous  games (seriously if you’ve never played quiplash, I highly suggest it). We try really hard to keep intern love and support alive, but it gets hard the further into the year you go, not because we have less time (which we do) but we’re also getting into the deep end with each other. We have to rely on each other and we now know who is pulling weight…and who’s not. We all want each other to succeed and we’re all friends (which I feel like is rare by 6 months) but sometimes it’s so hard. I don’t doubt people feel that way about me, it’s just the nature of being interns I think. Which is why we go to such lengths to remember we’re not just interns and are real people here for each other.

I still have a lot of work to improve on the floor, so I’m hoping this week is a little smoother in terms of having it together, giving good presentations and staying organized (my brick wall). It’s slow, but we’re getting there.

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