Another week, another Time on The Floor. I’m always surprised by the amount of pathology we get at our hospital. We get a lot of bread and butter pediatrics of course, your run of the mill RSV and croup and asthma but also things you may not see often in other places, like kawasaki’s.  It’s a great place to learn so much but it’s a hard place to be an intern who doesn’t know too much.

If nothing else, the interns stick together. We forgot a QI meeting, our quality improvement project meeting, as whole. As in, all 7 of us didn’t go (we’re actually 9 but one on vacation and one on nights). We thrive together we drive together, I suppose. It’s amazing to be part of a group that supports each other so strongly. I asked my senior when she thought we’d start getting on each other’s nerves and she said she was surprised we weren’t already. I mean, really we have a little bit already. Just things here and there. But nothing to make us want to kill each other…so that means we must be doing pretty well? I’d like to think so.

And I’m learning I’m going to make mistakes and one day, someone won’t catch it. I saw a patient Friday I felt worried about inside. He was actually lethargic (even though no one wanted to use the dreaded L word, LET ME USE MY WORDS) and I ended up calling the neurologist, who I made noises at over the phone. He understood that meant I was also very concerned, it did not help he already was.

Turned out the kid had meningitis. He’s fine now, but I should have gotten help much earlier than I did and expressed that I was worried instead of be confused about it.

You live and you learn, but man, does it feel bad sometimes. There will be good learning, but the learning from mistakes in a situation like that…it’s pretty humbling.

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