10/29/2018 – 11/4/2018

You know what’s better than halloween?

Halloween in a pediatric hospital.

Because I got to be dressed like a witch for 10 hours and be a doctor and people have to take me seriously with my face painted like a galaxy. So great.

But another week on the floor down! And not too bad, really. I was the only intern on the upper floor but I had some good consistency. I got to work with some patients who have been on the floor for way to long and be involved in some decision making (good and bad). There’s something to be said for having too many providers on your team, too many hands in the pot as it were. And too many people not directly working with the patient. Like why is the immunologist from another hospital dictating care for his treatment here? I don’t know.

Aside from that, I had the great honor of work a 24 over Saturday as the clocks move forward which means I really worked a 25. And if you ever want to know what forever feels like, working when the clocks move forward is a pretty good simulation. Especially when the nurses are literally counting each hour we are not closer to finishing the shift. But it wasn’t a bad shift, I got to work with a senior I haven’t yet and she was really great to work with. I’m not sure we have a ton in common, but I think we can make it work as a team and make things roll smoothly.

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