Questions to ask on Residency Interviews

HARK. Interview season is upon us!

And my old littles gave me the great idea to come up with a big ol’ list of questions the interviewing 4th year can use to find the answers they need about certain program OR give ideas that a 4th year may not have thought of at all.

I hope this helps anyone who has been dreading the “any questions for us?” moment. It’s not everything you can ask, it may not even highlight your program priorities, but hopefully you can get something out of it!

  1. Is there any standard curriculum which the residents follow?
  2. When do residents have to take step 3 by?
  3. Is there any expectation to take step 3 before residency starts?
  4. How are morning reports/grand rounds/resident lectures held?
  5. Does the program support simulators and simulated learning?
  6. Does the program have a sim center?
  7. Is the in-training exam used by the program in any way?
  8. When do the residents take the in-training exam at this program?
  9. What is the percentage of specialty board pass rates?
  10. What is the fellowship match rate/job placement rate?
  11. What are you expected responsibilities on the floor?
  12. What kind of call do you do as an intern vs as a senior?
  13. What are you looking for a in a resident?
  14. What do you value in a team?
  15. How often are you working with seniors vs other interns vs attendings?
  16. What fellowship programs does this program offer?
  17. What are the responsibilities of the fellows toward residents, if any?
  18. How are mentors approached?
  19. How does continuity clinic run through the program?
  20. How many electives are offered per year?
  21. What specialties does the hospital not have?
  22. Which specialties are done at an outside hospital/system if any?
  23. What are some hallmarks that make this program different from others?
  24. How does this program participate in resident wellness?
  25. Are their any resources if a resident feels they need help?
  26. Is there support when there is a loss during patient care?
  27. Does the hospital have any associated medical schools?
  28. What are the 3rd and 4th year med student expectations?
  29. What are the resident expectations to the medical students?
  30. How many fourth years are around during audition season?
  31. How is the schedule organized (how many floor, clinic, etc months)?
  32. Are schedules flexible in any way?
  33. If someone needs to miss a day or call, how is that rectified?
  34. How are vacation requested, decided and divided?
  35. Is there a holiday schedule?
  36. How does the program approach QI projects?
  37. What are some standout QI projects from the residents?
  38. What are the research expectations for each year?
  39. What resources does the program provide for research?
  40. Are the residents provided food and drink (stipend/resident lounge supply)?
  41. Are the residents provided scrubs?
  42. Do you get white coat replacements or fleeces/jackets?
  43. What is the expected attire on the floor, clinic, etc?
  44. What is the parking situation?
  45. Are there any stipends for moving, study material, exams or conferences?
  46. What is the average cost of living in that area?
  47. Where do most of the residents live?
  48. Do you need to be in close proximity to the hospital?
  49. How do you think a program of this size facilitates the learning environment?
  50. Do the residents hang out together?

I didn’t describe why someone would ask these so if you’re interested, don’t know what something means, or want elaboration feel free to send an ask.

Go forth! And be strong and confident!

Good luck!

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