Week one done!

I have no idea what I’m doing AT ALL.

What happened to all that fourth year experience? I feel like if you come out of the Match successful you feel almost ready? Maybe it’s more a feeling of finality and wanting to move on but then 3-4 month go by where you’re coming down from the burn out and stress…and you don’t open a book for a while…and you don’t have any need to do questions…

And you end up as a really dumb intern.

But a dumb intern who tries hard and wants to learn!

The first week of residency is really a whirlwind with a huge learning curve. And I’m not even on the floor. Just learning the intricacies of the system, the specifics of the attending and the unspoken program rules, its a lot to take in. I do consider myself lucky starting on clinic, which I like, and that it’s not particularly intense at this moment. It has had it’s moment though, a mom showing up without her baby who had apparent respiratory distress who then showed up the next day with dad and c r a z y stridor.

That was followed by 4th of July, another day off which just reinforced that my class is legit hanging out near the beach for fireworks and setting off baby fireworks in an empty parking lot the child delinquents we are. There’s always a gamble with small classes, my program being more on the medium sized, that you just won’t blend. The upper levels talk a lot about everyone being so close and I still haven’t quite figured out how that should work but hopefully I find out soon.

We did get more bonding time at the intern only morning reports and our resident school, aka the 4 hours of protected time where the nursery constantly called. Which we had to do a pedi doses scavenger hunt…and the people we had to find for our last clue ditched us. What a life.

I just have a lot of work to do to catch up? To get myself in working order? Find out next week.

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