Any ideas for good gifts for med students?

Originally posted October 2015

Depends on how generous you’re feeling (joking but also not)

If you want to go big:

  • A small sized tablet if they don’t already have one (they fit perfect in a white coat pocket!)
  • Get a great stethoscope, or if they already have one to last get it engraved
  • A fantastic vacation (with you!) for first years since we still get a summer break
  • “Mature” jewelry –  earring, necklaces, cufflinks made with real metals or stones
  • A subscription to their board prep website of choice (Picmonic, Firecracker, USMLEworld, etc)

And gifts that mean as much but don’t hit the budget quite as hard:

  • Their favorite type of coffee or tea to keep at home
  • Gift cards to places like starbucks, panera or anywhere that they love to get food/drinks from
  • Microbe plush
  • Gift card to a favorite clothing store
  • Amazon gift cards
  • A cute or quirky medical inspired water bottle or mug
  • An extra short white coat (that fits!)
  • Take them for a really nice mani-pedi (even the guys)
  • A massage certificate
  • Something that means something special to both you and your medical student

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