Love What You Hate

or least tolerate it!

In our education careers there is going to be at least one thing we absolutely despise. We can’t stand even going to class because we feel misery just from being there. Unfortunately, when we dislike something as humans, we tend to give it less care and try to shove it away, leading to results that only hurt us in the end. So how can you turn something you can’t stand, into something totally doable and satisfactory?

Here are some way I have found to make the terrible bearable. These are from my experience and yours might be different and that’s just fine. I hope you do find my ways just a little helpful.

Acknowledge why you dislike the subject

There are many reasons to dislike something. Maybe you aren’t any good at the subject material. Maybe the instructor is a complete d-bag. Whatever the reason for your aversion, you need to pinpoint it. In high school I originally thought I hated anatomy but later realized my teacher was a horrible excuse for a human and she made the class miserable. It wasn’t the subject at all. In fact I love anatomy. I’m really good at it too.

When you figure out exactly why you dislike something pertaining to a subject, that’s the first step to fixing the issue. It also allows you to see what you need to do to be successful.

Work on your issues

Okay, if you have a crappy teacher sorry, I can’t really help you there. But if you find yourself just repulsed by the material, that is actually something that can be helped. Everything in our education eventually builds off itself and off each other. That means even within some topic you hate or totally have no interest in is a smidge of something you like. Find that something.  I don’t really enjoy math but I like watching math in motion, so a lot of times I would need to think about what exactly the purpose of the math is (even if it felt totally pointless). Even if it seems silly, it can help just enough to get you through.

If your problem is not with your interest, but with the physical material then you should know you need to seek help. But not just any help from any tutor. You should try to find someone who really enjoys the subject material and understand it, but also can explain it in a way that doesn’t sound like a foreign language. Just being in the presence of someone who has passion for a topic makes you excited for it too.

Miserable company

You’ve heard it before, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Misery loves company. It’s so easy to fall in with a crowd who dislikes a subject just as much as you do, and it’s also easy to fall into a group which has about as much as a clue as you. You cannot let this happen. It’s only going to bring you down, and while its comfortable it’s not good for you. Gather up some courage, put on your big kid pants and find some good positive vibes.

Surround yourself with happy

Know you have to take a class you dread? If possible, fill the rest of your schedule with classes you like. College students (especially pre-health kids) love to complain about how hard their course load is, but hard doesn’t need to mean soul-crushing. It’s harder to be completely miserable when you have classes that give you pep in your step. Along with that, make sure you leave time for activities you find enjoyable. No matter how bad my day was, or how mean a teacher was going to Tae Kwon Do always makes me feel better, thus giving me that little extra something to get shit done.

Good luck out there!

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