50 Things to Get/Do Before You Start Medical School

Originally posted March 18th, 2014

At this point in the game a lot of pre-meds are accepted or getting accepted to their medical school. Congratulations! And I’m sure everyone is very anxious to get started and get all their brand new medical things which is super exciting. But what about all the other things you need to get that aren’t on your most exciting school supply list EVER?

Let me share ALL the things I was told to get/do before I start school in like 6 months.

These are things I was told by medical and graduate student and figured out by doing a lot of digging around. This is not advice for what medical equipment or what study books are the best to have. I don’t know that yet. (Also, all these things will probably run you a pretty penny, so you DEFINETLY don’t need to do it all). The things are for your life I’ve found might be different from the things you need and get, and of course that’s cool too. Just have some of mine.

Tech it and Wreck it

  • If your laptop is more than 2 years old, get a new one, have parts replaced or run a major systems overhaual. If you are going run that poor machine into the ground, might was well do it without lag.
  • Get a tablet. These little suckers will save you time and time again.
  • Don’t have a smart phone yet? Come join us in 2014. You need one to be able to stay on top of your email, obligations and meetings, and frankly just people. Schedule changes, canceled classes and seminars will all be found on your smart phone in a quick hit too.
  • Is a planner technology? I don’t care if it’s not, but you should still get one that has both weekly and monthly pages.
  • Learn how to use all of your tech. Don’t walk into class the first day with your brand new laptop and be like “where the fuck is Word?”
  • Secondary on that, don’t switch your system unless you have a few months to play with it. If you’ve always had Macs, don’t try to switch to a PC a week before classes because you will be confused as fuck.
  • Learn to use google drive if you don’t already know. Trust me.


Dress to Impress

  • Scrubs will soon be your best friend. Buy one pair that make you look like a real person.
  • The rest of your scrubs should come off the internet and cheap enough to toss at the end of your labs (because they smell like guts, chemicals and stank).
  • Pair your throw away scrubs with throw away sneakers! The look is in.
  • Anatomy labs, really labs in general, tend to be suffering an eternal winter. Get yourself some cheap thermals and long sleeves to save you from the pain.
  • Get yourself some business appropriate clothing. You never know when you have to go to a conference or a meeting.
  • Get a white coat you can junk up. Learn how to maneuver in it. Break that shit in.
  • Find a hair stylist you like BEFORE YOU START. Life is much easier this way, trust me.
  • Get a formal outfit. Whoa, crazy right? But you need to have at least one black tie event outfit because you never know.
  • Moving to a place with a different climate than where you’re from? Plan and get clothes accordingly.

Live well

  • Make sure you find a place and move in at least 2 weeks before you begin. I know this sounds obvious, but the process can be overwhelming and take longer than your think. Also ending up house hunting during school sucks shit.
  • Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe. An apartment that is 2 bed 2 bath costs $500, costs that little FOR A REASON. Even if you have to spend a little more, it’s worth it.
  • Learn your weather! Moving to Florida? Learn about hurricanes. Moving to Kansas? Tornados. What about California? Earthquakes. Be ready people!
  • Have your new living situation set up before you begin. Don’t get buried in boxes.
  • Do you want to do the roommate thing? Don’t just do it because it’s cheaper. Make sure you know your options about this, it’s a big deal!
  • If you do choose to lives with other peeps, you must figure out all financial information. I’m talking rent, bills, and other expenses. Also you need to set ground rules. We’re all adults(ish) here.
  • If you don’t already have a dry erase calendar, I might be judging you.
  • But also get a dry erase or chalk board. These were already widely useful in undergrad, and it won’t change for med school.
  • Get a big ass desk. You’ll be thankful I told you this.
  • Also a comfy study chair.

The pet brigade

  • If you decided to get an animal which needs attention (cat, dog, ferret, etc.) you NEED to get it minimum six months advance before you start medical school. Why? These animals need time to forage a bond with you to be able to trust you. And if you’re gone for 12 hours a day these animals will only see you as a hand which serves food.
  • You also should have a pet for a while because baby animals are hard work, and you won’t have for those poor creatures.
  • That being said, having a fuzzy (scaly or feathery) friend in medical school can help your stress and keep you level headed that yes, there are others in this world you need to take care of besides you when you aren’t in class.
  • Find a safe place for your pets to stay if you go out of town or subsequently start 3rd year rotations.
  • Get all of your vaccines/bug medication/checkups for your little (or big) dude out of the way before you start.

Friends and family

  • You should take the time out to explain to non-med family and close friends about the changes that are going to happen in your life and how it may affect your relationships. How no matter how long you may not be in contact, no matter how many events you have to miss that you still care about them and want them to stay a part of your life.
  • Some will understand others will not. It’s up to you to figure out what to do.
  • If you have a significant other you’ve been with for a while, you have to discuss what your plans are and what both of your needs are. It’s upsetting, but you can’t drag anyone into this who doesn’t want it.
  • Get closure. If you had a friend you never resolved a fight with, a family member you stopped talking to and WANT to try to close that chapter or fix it now is your time.
  • Take time to see the family members you know you may not get another chance to see for a while. Same with close friends.

Medicine for you

  • Go to your doctor! Go for just a general check. Seriously.
  • Have a procedure you may want done? Do it now before it gets worse and then so you have time to heal.
  • If you’re moving, find a new healthcare provider. This shouldn’t be too hard and your school should be able to recommend someone (come on now).
  • If you have prescriptions get them filled out anew before you start. And if possible, try to get your pharmacy to do the three month thing. It’s nice.
  • Only if you feel like you need it, get a mental health assessment. Better to figure out why you get anxiety attacks and do something about it rather to just let them happen.

Trips, tips and tricks

  • Go somewhere you’ve never been before! Experience brand new sights, cultures and food.
  • Go somewhere you love. Enjoy all the best parts of that place.
  • Revel in your “thing”. Love volleyball? Hard core gamer? Make crochet pillows? Do as much of your thing as you can.
  • Find a new “thing”. Ever done aerial yoga? Made pottery? Gone paintballing? No one says you have to love it and do it forever. But who knows maybe you will.
  • Read all the things!
  • If you do research, find out if you’ll be a co-author for a paper. The find out when it’s going to be published. If it gets published while you’re in medical school, guess what? You have a published paper in med school.
  • Get in contact with a current student. They will be able to give you tidbits about your school as well as opportunities you might want to get into.
  • For goodness sake DO NOT PRE-STUDY. There is a slew of reason why not to do it, so just don’t.
  • Enjoy your time before you start and be happy.

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